Being most loved dessert in the world both for children and for adults, ice cream occupies a special place nowadays, especially in worm days and it is a bit of freshness at somptuous events.

             The delight of the ice cream often consist of mixture of ingredients,  toppings, but the aspect play a very important psychological role on ice crem gluttonous. 

            From where comes the gunpowder - ice cream relation?

            From the wish to found something new, another ice cream different from that yellow, pink, white, green with vanilla, chololate, strawberries flavours that everyone knows. and tasted at least once. I have chosen a sober color, grey, that resemble black powder.

            It is a similarity between gunpowder and ice cream! They both comes from China but the first is newer and the second had recipes from 1700.Inventiveness doesn't keep expected and in ice cream imagination has free rein.

            To convince you that is a lovely sweet, perfect for every state, every situation, event or romantic moment, ice cream was used at Caterina de Medicis wedding. She wanted a cream of frozen fruits. 


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